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Commercial Pressure Washers


HDS-E 3.3/25-4 M Ef 24 kW

Type: Hot water

Make: Karcher


HDS 2.8/25 P Cage

Type: Hot water

Make: Karcher


HDS 3.5/35 PE Cage

Type: Hot water

Make: Karcher


HDS 3.9/30 Pe Cage

Type: Hot water

Make: Karcher

Commercial pressure washers are high-pressure plunger pumps that use water with high pressure to remove grime, mud, dust, and mould on surfaces and areas such as concrete roads and buildings. They typically feature rigorous build quality and can cope with extreme conditions.

Pressure washers direct a powerful jet of water to degrease, descale, and clean surfaces thoroughly as a way to simplify the cleaning process. Additionally, they are helpful when griming industrial equipment, commercial vehicles, and business establishments.

Most industrial pressure washers consist of the following parts:

  • Motor, lances, and nozzles
  • Pressure relieve and unloader valves
  • High-pressure hose and gauge
  • Trigger operating gun

Many industries rely on commercial pressure washing machines, especially within the construction, trucking, and automotive sectors. They are preferred due to their excellent power and durability when it comes to tough cleaning jobs like surface preparation, paint stripping, and much more.

Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are powerful appliances that come with the following benefits:

  • Reduce maintenance costs

When pressure washing is done correctly and carried out frequently, it keeps your commercial property in good condition. Pressure washing can prevent pollutants and contaminants causing severe damage from reaching your properties, saving you extra expenses on costly repairs.

  • Save energy and time.

Pressure washers are made of advanced components capable of conserving energy, reducing your power bills from soaring. They also allow you to save valuable time when scrubbing and washing surfaces.

  • Provide a better appeal.

Keeping your commercial property in good shape is vital when leaving an excellent impression on potential customers. Commercial pressure washers offer cleaning solutions effortlessly.

Which Industrial Pressure Washer Is Suitable for You?

Finding a suitable pressure washer for commercial cleaning tasks can be challenging. When selecting the correct pressure washer, ensure you consider their specific uses, power (PSI), attached accessories, and operations available to make an informed decision.

A high-quality pressure washer is built with durable materials, such as stainless steel, ensuring it is reliable and can last a long time. Check its features, point of use, and usage comfortability in order to ensure you get the right machine for your commercial needs.

Electric pressure washers will be the right choice if you're working around your home or an area with an adequate power supply. However, if you're running on various premises, you'll need a gas-powered unit.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

A cold-water pressure washer cleans debris and dirt on concrete driveways, pavements, and vehicles coated with mud. With high pressure, these units use motorized piston pumps to thoroughly clean dirt embedded on various surfaces and are specifically suitable for materials sensitive to temperatures, like plastic and wood. A cold-water pressure washer is helpful in washing siding, decks, boats, and cars.

The cleaning process can be further enhanced by adding detergents to help wash surfaces and rinse dirt away effectively. Moreover, industrial pressure washers are more versatile, since they can be taken with you on the go to service areas that need cleaning.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our hot water pressure washers are designed to be the best cleaning solutions for grease-caked and oily surfaces. Our units utilize high temperatures and pressure to remove any stubborn dirt that cold water cannot clean.

They are popular for their greater cleaning power compared to their cold-water counterparts. Essentially, these machines heat water to reach high temperatures of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which evaporates sticky substances, intensifying the cleaning process of oily surfaces.

The performance of a hot water pressure washer is best on materials not sensitive to heat, as it achieves a high level of cleanliness without causing unprecedented damage.

Hot-pressure washers have the additional benefit of agitation, which means they can pound surfaces thoroughly, removing dirt quickly thanks to their high-pressure system.

Gas-Powered and Electric-Powered Pressure Washers

  • Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

Gas-powered pressure washers function using a small gas engine that drives their pump. Usually, these washers are suitable for large jobs such as stripping paint and cleaning heavy-duty and commercial buildings.

Since they are very powerful, these units are ideal for most commercial outdoor cleaning tasks, mainly in parking spaces and footpaths. They are made of durable steel and aluminum, making them reliable high-pressure cleaners.

Portability is a non-issue with these machines, as they are not required to be plugged into electric sockets for power, making them ideal for cleaning remote areas without access to electricity. Since gas pressure washers are faster and more powerful, they are in turn ideal for highly demanding jobs requiring much more force and energy.

  • Electric-Powered Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers are the perfect choice for cleaning items such as cars, chairs, and barbeques. These pressure washers have a pressure rating of about 1500-5000 PSI, and they work silently without producing emissions that are harmful to the environment.

They are portable, light, and very easy to use, and they do not generate a lot of noise while in operation. The best thing about these pressure washers is that they require less maintenance, relying instead on electric power.

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