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Kranzle Commercial Pressure Washers


Kranzle K1122TST

Type: Cold water

Make: Kranzle

Kranzle pressure cleaners set the standard in the pressure washing industry, with the best performance and quality on the market. These high-pressure washers are built to last, with most machines running for over 20 years.

Kranzle pressure units stand out due to their incredible components, such as their durable brass pump heads, along with other parts coated with hard ceramic. They run smoothly, since they are made of shatterproof pistons that increase their life expectancy.

Most professional Kranzle pressure cleaners are designed to counter pressure by reducing bypass operation when the gun nozzle is triggered after the safety catch is closed. This enhances how the pressure washer works in line with offering perfection and upscaling its functionality for commercial work, home, and other demanding tasks.

Benefits of Kranzle Commercial Pressure Washers

  • Time-saving – Kranzle pressure washers are designed with the latest technologies and accessories that make them function faster and smarter.
  • Long lasting – These pressure washers are designed to prolong the service lifespan of the machine. Their brass and ceramic-coated stainless steel components have a long service life.
  • Energy saving - Their low power consumption minimizes energy bills.
  • Slow-running motor – The 4-pole electric motors fitted in Kranzle pressure washers are designed to last longer, run for extended periods, and ensure a quiet workplace.
  • Dry-run safety – Kranzle pressure washers can run for up to 2 hours without water, resulting in no damage. They have Teflon graphite packing that reduces friction resistance and high temperatures with their excellent lubricating properties.