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Saber Micro 16

Saber Micro 16

Commercial Disc Automatic Scrubber With A 16 Inch Cleaning Path

The Saber Micro 16 was designed with you in mind. We included many features that make cleaning easier and more productive, ultimately saving you time and money. This automatic scrubber features a practical design for the fresh and dirty water tanks that makes filling and emptying easier. For added convenience, an on-board charger is standard.

Saber Micro 16 Features:

  • Compact and extremely maneuverable
  • Battery powered with on-board charger standard
  • Excellent scrubbing power
  • Quiet—perfect for day cleaning
  • Recovery tank can be completely removed and features an ergonomic carrying handle
  • Easy to operate with a pivoting squeegee
  • Innovative and powerful alternative to manual cleaning.
  • Reliable and durable, performance you can count on for years.
  • Operator controls are intuitive and easy to use—minimal training required
  • No tool squeegee removal
  • Easy access to all parts including removable tanks for access to batteries

Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

"Your company provides unparalleled customer care and a huge assortment of innovative cleaning equipment. Windsor Saber Micro 16 that I got from you operates flawlessly. Many thanks!"

Hayden P., maintenance services manager, Aurora

4.9 5.0