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SpeedGleam 5 / SpeedGleam 7 Battery Burnisher

SpeedGleam 5 / SpeedGleam 7 Battery Burnisher

Rugged battery burnishers deliver propane-like gloss results.

Low Sound Levels Ultra quiet machines – as low as 63 dBA – maintaining low sounds levels for operators and noise sensitive environments.

Environmental Benefits Passive dust control or optional active HEPA filtration – helps maintain indoor air quality.

Operator Safety 90 degree flip up head – enables a safe ergonomic position when changing pads.

Ease of Use Choose between Set and Forget™ or optional actuated down pressure, allowing for the most appropriate option for the job.

Productivity Delivers high performance propane-like gloss results.

Reduce Cost of Clean Easy to identify yellow maintenance touch points and onboard reference materials help operators in the use/operation of the machine.

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Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" Polite and well-trained team! We are extremely happy with top-notch Nobles SpeedGleam 5 / SpeedGleam 7 Battery Burnisher and customer service. Keep it up!"