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SL-8 is a wet and dry pick up type commercial vacuum cleaner with the capacity 20 litre (5 gallon) which is a perfect size to clean offices. The SL-8 has a "Turbo Charged" high performance motor to suck up any material and is our HIGHEST POWERED 5 gallon vacuum built. The machine body is made of heavy polyethylene while the motor top is chrome plated steel. The heavy duty casters are steel-ball bearing and polyurethane rolling ball. These machines are excellent for day-in and day-out hard work. We build the SL-8 vacuum cleaners to withstand the most rigorous use. Machines made 40 years ago are still in use.

SL-8 vacuum cleaners for office cleaning

  • 20 litre (5 gal) capacity
  • Built from metal parts (motor housing, casters, intake nozzle, latches)
  • Portable
  • Washable cloth filter
  • Double ball bearing casters
  • Built in receptacle for a power brush use
  • Powerful, portable and extremely durable

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Type: Canister

Make: Centaur

Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" SL-8 from Centaur is a great instrument for every building. With Comfort Vacuum Service Co we bought SL-8 at a very affordable cost. I loved the customer assistance and promptness of employees. Great job. Highly recommend!"