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Scout 3 Manual Sweeper

Scout 3 Manual Sweeper

Sweep SMARTER, not HARDER with TwinMax™ Sweeping Technology

Clean your floors in a single pass with TwinMax Sweeping Technology. the twin, counter-rotating brushes combine overthrow and direct sweeping principles to capture large and small debris with one machine.

TwinMax technology is designed for sweeping multiple floor surfaces in both indoor and outdoor environments.


Dual side brushes increase the sweeping path to 34 in / 870 mm, and a large 1.8 ft3 / 50 L hopper saves you trips to the dumpster, which gives you more time for cleaning.


The is well suited for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Manual operation makes it the perfect option for noise-sensitive environments.


Major components field-proven in commercial applications for 10 years. Wrapped front bumper design helps prevent high-impact damage to body and side brushes.


Simple, no-tool side brush adjustments and easy-to-use operation mean less time training and more time cleaning. The contoured handle is padded and ergonomically designed for optimal operator comfort.

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Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" Recently I purchased Scout 3 Manual Sweeper produced by Nobles at Comfort Vacuum Ltd and I am very pleased with its performance and the cost is favorable. Really pleasant experience!"