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Trek Vac 2

Trek Vac 2

This canister vacuum is focused on light weight and portability so you can clean up in no time at all, restoring your facility to its clean professional appearance. With an extremely low weight under 12 pounds and an easy to tow behind design, this vac is the perfect solution for any small dry dirt problem. The ergonomic wand allows for hours of fatigue-free operation, providing more productivity. • Productive • Ergonomically designed handle provides fatigue-free operation, even over longer operating intervals. • Handle on the machine base enables simple and comfortable transport to new locations, up and down stairs, etc. • The compact design has an extremely low total weight of only 11.5 pounds. • Trek wheels provide superior tracking performance. Convenient • High-quality floor tool quickly changes for use on either carpet or hard floor surfaces. • Extremely tough, impact-resistant container with all-around bumper protects the machine and furniture. • Accessories can be stored on-board for easy access. Durable • Permanent main filter made of washable nylon provides optimal dust filtration. • Large, rugged foot-operated switch turns the machine on and off without having to stop, for greater operator comfort.

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Type: Canister

Make: Windsor Karcher

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Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" Trek Vac 2 by Windsor Karcher is a fantastic solution for every building. With Comfort Vacuum Ltd our firm got Trek Vac 2 at a convenient price. I enjoyed the service and knowledgeability of the staff. Great job. Recommend with no hesitation!"