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Royal Carpet Vacuums

Royal is a trusted household name all across North America, and this is due primarily to their reputation for high-quality products that last. Their commercial line of products offers unsurpassed technology and durability to provide your business with cleaning solutions that can last a lifetime with only minimal maintenance.

Many of their products are constructed of metal and alloys, making them virtually indestructible. Royal carpet vacuums come in many different styles to suit all of your needs and preferences, including bagged and bagless standard upright models, back pack vacuums, and much, much more.

With well over a century in the vacuum cleaner design, development, and manufacturing industry, the Royal company has the expertise to create some of the most powerful, high-tech, and durable machines in the entire industry. That is precisely why they are one of the most trusted names in appliances, and it is why your business cannot go wrong with any of the Royal vacuums available.