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  • As daytime cleaning becomes even more prevalent the RBV 130 will certainly play a key role for our clients
  • A 1.5 gallon tank provides the capacity required to do the job
  • The 250 watt vacuum motor with run time of 45 minutes ensures there is plenty of power and operational capacity
  • The 36 volt lithium ion battery can be interchanged with our canister units and charges in 2.5 hours
  • At 16 pounds the RBV 130 is compact, comfortable and light enough for anyone to use
  • Its patented ribs on the inside of the tank ensure no matter how full the bag is we don't lose suction since the bag is never allowed to seal against the side of the tank cutting off the flow of air
  • This is critical on battery powered equipment since we don't have the luxury of high powered electric vacuum motors to pull the dirt through the bag
  • HEPA for non hazardous filtration is standard

Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" RBV130 from Nacecare is an amazing equipment for any space. With the help of your team our firm purchased RBV130 at a convenient cost. I liked the service and work ethics of employees. Stunning job. Recommend with the greatest pleasure!"