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Nilfisk Advance Carpet Vacuums


CarpeTriever™ 28

Type: Wide Area

Make: Nilfisk Advance

Nilfisk is an innovator in the commercial floor cleaning business, and their line of vacuums is a testament to their expertise. Nilfisk vacuums contain some of the most innovative technologies of our time, including drum-top models, pneumatic models, and even technologies that put the majority of the focus on safety.

Nilfisk industrial vacuums are the perfect choice if you need to eliminate the possibility of combustible dust in a manufacturing environment. This company has spent years researching different technologies and innovations designed to keep you and your team safer. What's more, the company offers a vast line of Nilfisk carpet vacuum options that can help you clean large areas more quickly and efficiently than ever before. No other manufacturer in the world offers so many solutions for your commercial and industrial cleaning needs, and each one of their products is just as durable and efficient as the next.