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Chariot 2 iVac 24 ATV

Chariot 2 iVac 24 ATV

24" Stand-On Commercial Vacuum for Hard and Soft Floors

The Windsor Chariot 2 iVac 24 ATV is a high performance, multi-surface cleaning HEPA stand-on commercial vacuum designed for increased productivity and maneuverability on hard and soft floors. In applications where a sweeper, wide-area vacuum or dust mop can be used, the Chariot 2 iVac ATV HEPA vacuum is all you need.

Chariot 2 iVac 24 ATV Stand-On All-Terrain Vacuum Features:

  • 24" cleaning path
  • Vacuums carpet, tile, wood, concrete, stone, rubber, VCT.
  • HEPA filtration standard.
  • Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility.
  • 68 dBA, quieter than a traditional wide-area vacuum with the same pick-up and performance.
  • Battery operated for daytime cleaning.
  • HEPA vacuum captures large debris in a vacuum tray, preventing clogs.
  • Simple, intuitive control panel.
  • Universal counter-rotating brushes for use on all floor surfaces and easy no-tool removal.

The Chariot 2 iVac 24" ATV comes standard with 10' hose and hand tools for off-aisle cleaning. The Chariot 2 iVac 24" ATV also comes with a convenient on-board tool storage compartment.

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Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" Chariot 2 iVac 24 ATV by Windsor is a must-have machine for any facility. With the help of Comfort Vacuum Service our firm purchased Chariot 2 iVac 24 ATV at a competitive cost. We really enjoyed the service and friendliness of company staff. Great experience. Recommend heartily!"