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705 Series - Air Vacuums

705 Series - Air Vacuums

General Overview

• No moving parts to replace
• No motors or switches to replace
• Silenced down to low 80 dba
• Available in stainless steel or electrostatically applied painted tanks
• Uses compressed air and the venturi principle to create a
vacuum of exceptionally high flow and high static lift
• Ideal for areas where standard voltage is not available
• Capable of lifting or moving an extensive variety of solid or
liquid materials
• Large range of tank sizes, filter arrangements, venturi and hose
sizes, tools & attachments for wet/dry pick up
• Optional HEPA filters available on select models

Key Features

• 180" of waterlift on every air vacuum model
• High CFM from 166cfm (4 gal) to 728 cfm (55 gal with quad jets)
• Capable of filling a 55 gallon barrel with liquid in less than
60 seconds

Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

"705 Series - Air Vacuums from Minuteman is a fantastic instrument for any premises. Owing to your company my office got 705 Series - Air Vacuums at a keen cost. We enjoyed the customer service and work ethics of company's workers. Really wonderful experience. Recommend confidently!"

Mathis U., maintenance manager, Caledon

4.7 5.0