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X17 Carpet Extractor

X17 Carpet Extractor

Key Features

  • Constructed of non-corrosive polyethylene that won't dent, corrode or rust
  • Three quick disconnect spray jets allow for simple maintenance
  • Automatic float shutoff prevents damage to the vacuum motor
  • Single, adjustable brush
  • Clear dome recovery and solution tank caps
  • Faucet-fill built in for convenience
  • Large 9 gallon solution tank and 7.5 gallon recovery tank
  • On-board power for optional scrub wand and extraction tools

General Overview

  • The X17 sprays cleaning solution, a brush agitates and deep cleans the carpet and a heavy duty vacuum picks up the water all in one pass
  • 17" cleaning path
  • Ideal for use in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare centers, retail outlets, malls, restaurants and government facilities


  • Faucet-fill function offers efficient filling of the solution tank
  • Removable recovery tank has convenient dump hose that saves time and empties easily

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Type: Self-Contained

Make: Minuteman

Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" Our office contacted this company last year to purchase X17 Carpet Extractor manufactured by Minuteman from their selection of tools. X17 Carpet Extractor operates without any noise. Thank you for good pricing and excellent customer assistance."