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X RIDE 28 Carpet Extractor

X RIDE 28 Carpet Extractor

Key Features

  • Cylindrical scrubbing action cleans both sides of the carpet fiber
  • 27 gallon solution tank and 24.5 gallon recovery tank
  • Two nozzle modes : Interim - 1/2 gallon per minute @ 50psi Restorative - 1 gallon per minute @ 100psi
  • Convenient drain port for recovery tank clean-out
  • When the on-board charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable
  • Off-aisle recovery wand and 25 foot of hose mounted on-board
  • AGM maintenance-free battery pack

GREEN Features

  • Sound level < = 70dBa
  • AGM maintenance-free batteries
  • Tool free brush removal
  • Easy-to-understand operation controls
  • Ergonomically designed for operator comfort
  • Seat sensor shuts off unit once operator leaves platform
  • On-board vac & solution wand for maximum water pickup

General Overview

  • The X Ride 28 is a 28" rider carpet extractor
  • Clean large carpeted areas quickly and efficiently while the operator rides in comfort
  • Quick one pass cleaning, scrubs and vacuums up water


  • The X Ride covers up to 9,060 sq. ft. per hour (842 m2)
  • Large Solution and Recovery tanks allow for less time filling or emptying
  • Small, compact design allows for cleaning even in tight spaces
  • Off-aisle wand allows for cleaning where the machine cannot go

Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" Our company contacted Comfort Vacuum Co Ltd last month to purchase X RIDE 28 Carpet Extractor from Minuteman from their selection of equipment. X RIDE 28 Carpet Extractor works properly. A huge thanks for affordable price and great customer service."