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Strive Rider Carpet Extractor

Strive Rider Carpet Extractor

The Nobles Strive Rider Dual Technology Carpet Extractor gives you comfort and versatility:

  • Interim cleaning with ReadySpace technology or deep extraction for a complete carpet cleaning system in a single machine
  • Rider design improves operator comfort and productivity compared to traditional extractors
  • Clean quickly and easily with 28 in / 71 cm cleaning path
  • Patented vacuum shoe design provides excellent water recovery across your entire cleaning path
  • Large 32 gal / 121 L recovery and 28 gal / 106 L solution tanks for maximum productivity and fewer fills / empties while cleaning
  • Fully-cleanable Hygenic® recovery tank can help reduce scrubber tank mold, bacteria, and odors for a safer cleaning experience
Choose the carpet care technology for your Nobles Extractor:
  • ReadySpace® Rapid-drying Carpet Cleaning Technology provides fresh, clean carpets in minutes to reduce room and carpet area shutdown times.

Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" My managers reached out to this firm this year to acquire Strive Rider Carpet Extractor manufactured by Nobles from their inventory of equipment. Strive Rider Carpet Extractor operates perfectly. Thank you very much for affordable rates and perfect assistance."