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  • The SMART KIT can be added to the AV 12QX, AV 18AX and TP18 DX or TP18 SX. As pre-spraying is the key component in proper carpet cleaning, this kit is a breakthrough. For the same reason we allow stripper dwell time prior to scrubbing and don′t dispense it through the scrubber, pre-spraying is critical in ensuring effective carpet cleaning. It uses the extractor pump to dispense an onboard chemical through a 50 foot pre-spray hose.
  • One man can do the job of two while easily ensuring enough pre-spray is applied at all times. With other systems, you require a second man doing nothing but pre-spraying otherwise your machine is sitting dormant half the time while you either fill the sprayer or apply the spray
  • 12 or 18 gallon solution tanks ensure ample pre-spray and cleaning solution is available
  • Unlike manual or electric sprayer systems, you are not re-filling every 5 minutes
  • Ensures a consistent and correct dilution at all times with constant flow and no pumping
  • More powerful than any other system which means you can apply pre-treat a lot more quickly
  • Can spray for 30 minutes (AV12QX) or 45 minutes (AV18, TP18) before re-filling. An electric sprayer would need to be refilled every 5-7 minutes

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Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

" My managers got in touch with Comfort Vacuum Service Co Ltd last month to acquire Smart-Kit manufactured by Nacecare from their inventory of tools. Smart-Kit performs very effectively. Thank you Comfort Vacuum for honest pricing and timely customer assistance."