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Chariot iExtract

Chariot iExtract

24" Stand-On Commercial Extractor

Windsor's Chariot iExtract is engineered for deep restorative extraction for carpets with heavy accumulation of soil and stains. This 24" stand-on commercial extractor will dramatically improve your efficiency. The Chariot iExtract's high pressure, 100 psi pump, 1.2 gpm flow rate, and two 800 rpm counter-rotating cylindrical brushes sweep small debris into a debris bin and aggressively attack and remove soil and stains.

The Chariot iExtract combines the innovative technology of the Chariot stand-up platform and Windsor's 35 years of experience building superior, reliable carpet extractors. The Chariot family of cleaning equipment is the industry's only stand-up platform. It is a truly innovative product that combines the maneuverability of a walk-behind commercial extractor with the speed of a ride-on.

Chariot iExtract Stand-On Extractor Features:

  • Designed with Windsor's Chariot Patented Stand-On Cleaning Technology* that significantly increases productivity and cleaning quality.
  • Reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity versus the traditional walk-behind extractors.
  • Provides greater floor coverage than ride-on or walk-behind extractors due to its compact size and maneuverability.
  • Easy to replace battery pack option enables the Chariot iExtract to run for longer periods; especially in larger facilities that need additional run time.
  • Large 25 gallon solution capacity extends run time between fill ups.

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Top Customer Reviews

Comfort Vacuum Service Co. Ltd.

"Our company called this professionals this year to buy Chariot iExtract by Windsor from their line of machines. Chariot iExtract operates without errors. Thank you guys for honest rates and professional assistance."

Ava S., hotel manager, Vaughan

4.9 5.0