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Carpet Extractors

Many of the carpet extractors you can purchase today offer very little in terms of cleaning power. Here at Comfort Vacuum, we change all of that. Our carpet extractors give you all of the power and versatility you need to clean carpets in both small and large spaces. Ask one of our cleaning equipment specialists which machine is best for your application.

Comfort Vacuum offers all of the most popular types of carpet extractors in Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Scarborough and the GTA, giving you the power to choose the right machine for your unique application. Let one of our Cleaning Equipment Specialists visit your facility and recommend the right machine for you.

Carpet extractors are versatile products for companies in the carpet cleaning business as well as for individuals who prefer to clean their own carpets on demand. Whether you choose canister, self-contained, or automatic extractors in Toronto, Comfort Vacuum has you covered. We offer all of the best latest technologies to make carpet cleaning simpler.

Canister Style

A canister carpet extractor may be handheld and portable or rugged and durable for the everyday cleaning of small spaces. These provide you with quick setup in either case, making them preferred among carpet cleaning companies who must travel between multiple locations throughout the day. You will need to empty the machine's tank from time to time. Usually, you use a wand to add solution to the carpet, and the same wand recovers the solution later.

Self-Contained Style

Conversely, a self-contained carpet extractor looks like a large vacuum cleaner, so it is preferred among many users. It applies detergent, scrubs it into the carpet, and retrieves it again into a tank. Many self-contained units have a large capacity, making them ideal for cleaning larger areas churches, restaurants, and more. These units boast tanks for cleaning and recovery solutions as well as agitators to clean the carpets thoroughly.


An automatic carpet extractor in Toronto does much of the hard work for you. In fact, many of these are self-propelled, requiring you to do very little work. For the largest spaces, consider a rider extractor; these allow you to simply go along for the ride while high-powered jets, scrubbers, and vacuums tackle even the most deeply embedded dirt and grime. These work like self-contained units in that they contain agitators to "beat" the carpets as you go.

If you are interested in commercial-grade carpet extractors in Toronto, Comfort Vacuum is your go-to source for all of the biggest names and best values. We offer canister, self-contained, and automatic extractors to suit all your needs, whether you run a business or you want outstandingly clean carpets at home.

We carry Carpet Extractors manufactured by Nobles, Windsor, Minuteman, Nacecare, Royal, Esteam.

Types of equipment we offer: Automatic, Rider, Stand-on, Walk behind, Technologies, Self-Contained, Portable, Wands and Tools, Interim Carpet Care, Upright.

Mini Pro

Type: Self-Contained

Make: Windsor


Armada™ BRC 40/22

Type: Walk behind

Make: Windsor